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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Set up iCloud Mail Services on Android Phone, Tablet

iCloud Mail Services on Android Phone, Tablet

If you are one of those gadgets freak who love to have both Android and iDevices then the common problem faced by us is setting up iCloud mail services on our Android phones and tablet PC. I have tried setting up iCloud mail services on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and tablet (Galaxy 10.1) and guess what I have successfully configured iCloud mail services on Android. In this first I will first talk about common settings which can be used in your Android device and then later in future I will talk about configuring iCloud mail services on devices like Galaxy S2, Google Nexus S, Samsung Tablet, Google Nexus S (Sprint), HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Asus EEE pad, HTC Wildfire, Amazon Kindle fire, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic touch, T-mobile G2X, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ and even in this post I will try to get iCloud set up for Android. So let us head over to setting up iCloud on your Android phone and tablet PC.

Set up iCloud Mail Services on Android Phones and Tablet

Things to do when not successful

Now to set up iCloud on Android you need to first go to your email application and if you are going for the first time then it will ask you for new account set up then tap on the new account set up. Now you will be asked to enter your or address. I have used my id to show you guys.

icloud on android

Now after entering your email id and password you need to choose from three options and they will be given three options and here you need to tap on IMAP account.

icloud mail android
email address icloud mail

Now in this screen you will have few options and here you need to enter or in server name, port would be 993 and security type SSL.
Now click onNext and it will set up the IMAP server and take you to the SMTP screen configuration and on this screen you need to enter server name as, Port 587, security type would be TLS and in some cases you need to choose SSL as it will work both in IMAP and SMTP.

apple icloud on samsung htc

After this you need to check the option require sign in and here you need to enter your user name without or Let us suppose my id is then I need to enter only abhirocky59 and nothing else, after this enter your password and congratulations you have successfully configured iCloud mail services on your Android phone and tablet PC.
You can check your iMap server as it is not required that it would be via p01 or p09 servers and it could be anything between p01 to p09. For this all you need to check mail server from your iPhone or Mac or whichever iDevice you are using with you.

Even if you face problems then change password of iCloud account and then try the above process and I am sure it will work for you.

You may even remove or in server name and just use or

If you are still facing problem then in SMTP sever set up choose SSL instead of TLS and it will work fine.

Still Facing Problem?
Drop ma a mail or just comment below and I will get back to you within 24 hours in the comment. Do let us know if you face any problem in doing this and my team will get back to you in no time. Also do show us your love by tweeting and sharing this article. This post has already become quite big hence I will write another article on configuring iCloud for  devices like Galaxy S2, Google Nexus S, Samsung Tablet, Google Nexus S (Sprint), HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Asus EEE pad, HTC Wildfire, Amazon Kindle fire, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic touch, T-mobile G2X, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″. I will post the link here for all the post here once I update the post in future.


  1. Wow!!! Your solution works!!!
    I have been having troubles many weeks to set up my account in my Motorola Razr HD with Jelly Bean OS. I almost gave up to have my email on my gsm until I read your solution.
    Really really 1000 thanks!

  2. I currently have a Motorola Atrix HD running Jelly Bean and this is not working :(

  3. worked like a charm on my new HTC ONE. Thank you very much

    1. how you do this ? could You help me ?

  4. Hi,

    have tried the above with Galaxy S4, but no joy. Simply says cannot safely connect to server. Help!


  5. @pbody using your mac mail app, check your outgoing server. Mine uses p06.

    So, on the outgoing server you write: username,
    your password exactly like you use it in appstore,
    outgoing server (where p06, use your own),
    then SSL (accept all...),
    port 993.

    On the outgoing server write:,
    then TLS (accept all...),
    port 587,
    require sign in and use for username and your password.

    Mine worked just fine on my new Galaxy S4. Let me know...

  6. I had icloud on my phone (moto Bionic) until I had to change the password which it wouldn't let me do so I deleted the account and now I can't get it back on. I've followed ALL your suggestions...argh. Still not accepting it. It says it can't connect with the server.

  7. I get a "can't safely connect to server" on smtp setting

  8. Instead of manual setup I just entered my email id as on apple and clicked on next. voila it works !

  9. Hi, this work very good for me besides one thing: the sent mail goes to a folder "sent" but not to the original sent.. please help?!

  10. Hey, I just bought a gogen tablet wmodel ta8200..doyouknoe how i can connect my iclpudemail to openonthis model? I also have a book i boight on ibooks which i would like to be able to open but i cant eork that out wither! No luck folloeing instructions here... thanks lots!


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