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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How to Back up Contacts, Messages, Call Logs in Android Devices

This is going to our first post on our DroidFone and in this post we are going to talk about backing up your contacts, messages, call logs in Android phones and tablet. Here on our blog you will get to see all the latest articles on Android rooting, firmware update, latest gadgeta launch, guides and reviews on phones and tablet PC and many more. You must be thinking what is the need of  using this kind of app so let us tell you these apps come real handy when you root your phone or Android tablet. You may also use these apps when you update custom ROM and firmware. So let us talk about these apps and we will start with apps to back up and restore your contacts in Android phones and tablet PC.

App to Back up Call Logs

This is another app which is super cool and you would love to use this app. This is a very simple app and using this is really easy. I am using this app on my phone and pretty happy with the performance of this app and I am sure you would love this app too. This app comes real handy when you want to root your Android phone or tablet PC. As we said before it can be used when you update new firmware or custom ROM. This app is called call logs back up and restore. All you need to do is tap on back up and all your call logs will be backed up and whenever you want to restore it just tap on restore and you are good to go. In this app you also have option of auto schedules back ups and then you may also see back up content in the app itself. All your calls gets saved in XML format and it gets saved on memory card.

Back up call logs in Android

Get this free app here

Back up Contacts in Android phone and Tablet

email instantly via push notificationsManage multiple accountsView and save attachmentsSet up label notificationsAll you need to do is install this app in your phone and you may take back up of your contacts and once you are done with the root or firmware update you may get all your contacts.Get this free app here

Back up contacts in Android

Free App to Back Up Messages in Android

We just now talked about apps to back up and restore call logs and phone contacts and now here is the free app to back up messages and this app is super cool. In this app you may back up your messages before rooting and firmware update on your phone and tablet pc. In this article we will also tell you how to backup and restore messages and I am going to do it step by step for you.

First of all get this free app from here. Now download this app on your Android device and now you will be given a disclaimer and accept it and once you are ito this app you may tap on back up and you will get to see this screen. 

Back up messages in Android
Restore messages in android

This will start backing up your messages in your Android phone or tablet PC and once you are done you will get to see this screen and you may do the same for restoring your messages and you will get to see many options in this. So here are the app by which you may Back up Contacts, Messages and Call Logs in Android phone and tablet PC easily.
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